How I learned to let go of blame and judgement around the California Water Crisis:

I used to get really angry when I drove through Southern California and saw manicured lawns and pools.

California has a terrible water crisis. We are running out of water.

My reaction stemmed from the…

How well do you know American history?

I mean REALLY know. Not just what we read in the textbooks back in high school and college. Not only the stories, events, and battles that have been officially memorialized by the Federal Government.

The stuff we learned in school was only a…

You are already a risk-taker.

Whether or not you see yourself this way, chances are that it’s true.


Because you have engaged in risky behaviors your entire life, and you will continue to do so after the Pandemic ends.

I’m going to focus on one specific behavior: driving.


Seder Plate

I have celebrated Passover many times over the years, but never have I ever celebrated Passover during a pandemic.

This is uncharted territory for every living Jew today, but it is not new for the religion as a whole. …

Visiting Singapore’s Changi Airport, June 2019

As racism rises in the wake of the Coronavirus, I want to take a moment to express my total and absolute solidarity with East Asian-American communities, and members of the East Asian diaspora across the globe.

Last year, I was lucky enough to visit Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan…

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” — Carl Jung

Right now, as you start reading this essay, there is a part of your mind operating completely outside of your awareness. It is processing information, making decisions, and guiding your…

The New Year is a time for renewal. We have the chance for personal reflection, ends and beginnings, death and rebirth, new intentions and directions.

Late December is one of the quietest periods of the year, when work slows down, when we can savor the moment, spend time with family…

IDEATE 2019 (Photo credit: Herman Gyr)

There is a famous Indian proverb where six blind men encounter an elephant. Lacking sight and never having heard of such a creature before, the men are forced to conceptualize what an elephant is by reaching out and touching it. …

Jericó, Colombia

Latin America has played an important role in my adult life. In this essay, I share stories from Central and South America that have shaped my perspectives and worldview.

My intention with this essay is to share the highs and the lows of my journeys; the joyful moments as well…

Chinook Salmon of the San Joaquin River Delta, California

One of the biggest things I learned when I co-founded Aqueduct is that water issues are a massive rabbit hole. Water is so complex and all-encompassing that you can spend all of your time researching this topic (which is basically what I do), and still feel like you’ve barely scratched…

Jeff Pawlak

Co-founder, Streetlight.

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